Show business in the Philippines

It is said that the need for entertainment is in human nature, and thus there will always be a universal demand for entertainment enterprises. All sectors and all age groups in civilized society always have a natural or instinctive craving to be entertained. It is even acknowledged scientifically that depriving people of entertainment is not good for their mental and emotional health. Thus, in the military, in hospitals, in nursing homes, on ships and planes, various forms of entertainment are provided regularly. Even in jails, the condemned are not deprived of entertainment in the form of books and hobbies. And in the Philippines especially, where the people—rich and poor—are described as among the happiest in the world, entertainment means big business.

I want to be a photographer

Show business in the Philippines is a huge and highly competitive industry. The players in it—the movie producers, television networks, publishing companies and individual entertainers and workers—all enjoy great financial rewards and are held in high esteem or are envied for the prominent lifestyles they tend to promote or showcase. Indeed, Philippine show business has weathered a great many storms in the nation’s history since the granting of its independence. Through the glory days of post-WWII prosperity and through the turmoil of political upheavals, and even through the long martial law years and other ups and downs, Philippine show business has remained busy and strong. This just goes to show yet again that people will always need to momentarily escape from harsh reality. There’s even a maxim that the tougher the times are, the greater will be the tendency for escapism.

During the post-WWII era and through to the 1960s, Philippine movie producers were already making great movies. For those sectors of society that claim refined taste, Nepomuceno Productions established itself as the leading light in the field. But the demand from the masses for easily digestible and lower-cost movie fare and slapstick comedy soon became stronger and more lucrative for producers. And so production houses churning out so-called “bakya” shows greatly outnumbered the serious filmmakers.

Lupin Character

Probably the greatest factor that helped build-up and shape Philippine show business is the same as in many other countries. The spread of radio and TV networks that provided news and entertainment gave rise to sponsorship opportunities for many large companies that wanted a powerful presence throughout the entire country. There have always been many of these corporations with big advertising budgets, and some small businesses with modest budgets, and as a result of the continuous and sustained exposure of their brands to the consuming public, they have become household words and their sales have grown steadily. Entertainers and other showbiz personalities are of course happy to endorse them for a fee—and the fee is never peanuts.

Even with the unfolding of the present global crisis, show business in the Philippines is showing no signs of slowing down. It won’t. Remember, show business thrives on harsh realities.

Smart traffic – reviews from a very happy customer

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Online business

Although we only engaged the services Smart Traffic to optimize a few of our most popular products including pens, shirts and USB sticks the work they have done as part of the Smart Traffic review of our competitors has also propelled our site up the rankings for other more obscure promotional products such as pin badges and caps. How they achieved this within such a short time frame is unclear to us but our position on Google is all we really care about and if some additional benefits are gained who are we to question them? Smart Traffic was by no means the first SEO Company that we talked to but were certainly the last. Other companies that we contacted seemed more interested in extracting our money as quickly as possible without offering any cast iron guarantees as to effectiveness of their work, Smart Traffic were different. They said they would get us on the first page within 6 months guaranteed and that is exactly what they did, albeit in 4 months. Since then we have undergone a further extensive review as to the onsite optimization needed for our site and have engaged the services of their content writing team to write some ‘Google friendly’ content for us. When explained the content/onsite optimisation side was relatively easy to understand although Laurence simply baffled us with details of the link building methodologies and it took several phone calls before we fully understood what he was talking about! This said, the Smart Traffic review of our site was presented in a relatively simple format and enabled us to make an informed decision of where our company was heading and more importantly how it compared to our competitors. If I had to summarise the services that a review of our site provided us with it would ultimately be more customers and more money as well as clearly defined direction for the future. Can’t really think of any negative aspects of dealing with Smart Traffic other than the complexity of the information which to be fair was repeated and explained to us again and again by the ever patient Laurence. I would give Smart Traffic 100% in terms of customer service and guaranteed results and I would have no hesitation in recommending a review to my friends, associates and even my family! Great work and great service. Well done!

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Hottest Male and Female Young Stars of Today

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Let us stop backtracking and go back to where we are today. In this generation, the stars and celebrities are not anymore identified with one single talent. The calling of the entertainment industry now is that one should be multi-talented, that is, if he is a star, he should not only know how to act but also dance or sing as well. If he is identified in the drama genre, he should also be versatile and successful in comedy or in other types. It was so unlike before, where stars only focused on their craft – acting. Today, variety shows and other types of shows are spawning like mushrooms, and thus require the stars to provide a variety of the kinds of entertainment.

Vhong Navarro with the sexy girls….

Being multi-talented (dance, sing, comedy, etc.) increases a star’s bankability and popularity. Aside from that, when a star has several endorsements in his hand, his star is becoming more popular as he gains the trust of several advertisers and thus becomes more visible through ads on TV and gains much influence over the Filipino viewers.Going to ABS-CBN 2, we have the multi-talented actor and singer, Piolo Pascual. He is definitely one of the biggest and brightest stars of this generation, garnering several awards through his movie Dekada ’70. He is also a successful singer, with several platinum and gold record awards for his many albums. He has had several shows and movies in the past, and most of them were proven to be of big hit. He also ranked 5th in the YES! Magazine’s list of the Top 20 Celebrity Endorsers, proving that he is indeed a hot star of today.

what’s the truth behind the scene?…

John Lloyd Cruz is also equally popular as an actor. Though he started and was very identified as a drama actor, his bankability is proven now that he is trying to explore new things in his career, like joining and dancing in ASAP, and do romantic comedies and light dramas, courtesy of the box office hit A Very Special Love. Truly, he has gone far from who he was in the defunct show “Tabing Ilog” he was always remembered with.

Judy Ann Santos, meanwhile, is tagged as the young superstar. With several movies, acting awards, endorsements, TV shows in her record, she has proven to be of big value as an actress and as a star of the nation. She is a big player in the entertainment industry.Claudine Barretto, meanwhile, is said to be the counterpart of Judy Ann Santos. The two is said to be the modern Nora-Vilma rivalry. Meanwhile, Claudine also has several box-office hits courtesy of her movies. Even now that she is a mother and a family woman, she continues to be visible on TV and proves to be one hell of an actress.

Autographs during the Meet and Greet

Other popular stars and celebrities of today, courtesy of the Kapamilya network, include Star Magic’s brightest stars, Bea Alonzo, Sam Milby, Kristine Hermosa, Diether Ocampo, and several in different managements like KC Concepcion, Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis, Sarah Geronimo, Toni Gonzaga, Jericho Rosales, and many others.

In the rival network GMA-7 meanwhile, it is known that Marian Rivera was proven to be a hit via the TV series Marimar. Now, Marian has risen to become one of the most popular and the most visible nationwide, with her non-stop shows and movies. Dingdong Dantes, meanwhile, has also risen to be one of the most sought-after leading men and celebrity endorsers via the same hit Marimar. Together, the two has made several endorsements together, proving their bankability as individual stars and as a loveteam.

 Marimar the finale…

Richard Gutierrez has also several endorsements, box-office hits, movies, TV shows under his belt. He has become the prince, if not the king, of GMA-7. He has proven to be more than just his parents’ son by having made a name of his own and making his own mark in the industry.There are so many stars and celebrities today. But the question is, how long can they stay and how can they endure? Let us all wait and see.

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Most Successful Reel and Real Showbiz Love Teams

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As they say, Filipinos are, without a doubt, romantic in nature. They have a high value of romantic relationships, probably due also to the norms of the society. We are a Catholic nation and conservative Catholicism is evident in the country. The society gives the picture that these romantic relationships are essential in one’s life, especially by the time of marriage, where only annulment can be the possible worst end achieved. Thus, we put high value to our romantic relationships, as much as we value our families and friends. We are empathic and sweet towards others.

Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual in ASAP

Perhaps, this could explain why Filipinos have a deep hunger for entertainment through the love teams that we see on TV and in movies. If you are a Filipino, you might have seen it obvious that for every story you see, there is always a love angle. It only shows how the viewers obviously crave for this element to be present in any story so they can patronize it. This love element proves to be essential in any story we watch, whether shown implicitly or used as the main flow or gist of the entire story.

This, in return, has given birth to countless love teams we see in showbiz. From the time the Pinoy entertainment industry was born, there were already love teams that were created to please viewers. From the 50s and the 60s up to the 21st century, we continue to be bombarded with so many love teams, either through the TV or through the big screen.

Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III

On that note, let us take a quick look of who managed to be the most famous love teams of all time.

First, we have the Guy and Pip tandem, courtesy of Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III. Definitely one of the most unforgettable local showbiz love teams of all time, the tandem made several hits and had thousands of loyal followers. Perhaps one major reason of their popularity is the fact that a mestizo was paired with a morena, as is the case of Guy and Pip. It is not the usual love team and definitely, it made its mark and became one of the most popular.

If there’s the Guy and Pip, who could ever forget the Vi and Bot loveteam? As Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor were said to be the greatest rivals on screen that time, so are their loveteams. The Vi and Bot tandem was made to match that of Guy and Pip. Nevertheless, this tandem also equally survived and managed to become popular to a lot of Filipinos, especially the Vilmanians.

together again?…

There is also the ever-controversial Sharon-Gabby tandem, with Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. They had several box-office movies that are surely romantic and ‘kilig-to-the-bones’, such as Dear Heart and many others. As we all probably know, their loveteam continued in real life, and they married. Their love bore fruit with Kristina Cassandra, or KC Concepcion. Eventually, they parted ways and Sharon married again with now Senator Francis Pangilinan. Their love story may not have had a happy ending in real life, but their fans surely continue to have the clamour of a reunion of their loveteam, even just on screen, especially now that Gabby is back in the spotlight.

Maria-William loveteam was also equally popular on the verge of Sharon-Gabby tandem’s popularity. The pairing of Maricel Soriano and William Martinez proved to be bankable and wacky. They were described to cute as a loveteam due to their being opposite or in contrast with one another. For these two celebrities, the adage ‘opposites attract’ has held true for the loveteam.

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera of Dyesebel on GMA 7.

Other ever famous loveteams of the past and present generations include the following:

  • Romnick Sarmienta and Sheryl Cruz
  • Piolo Pascual and Judy Ann Santos
  • Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan
  • John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo
  • Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa
  • Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez
  • Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson
  • Judy Ann Santos and Wowie de Guzman
  • Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin
  • Bobby Andrews and Angelu de Leon
  • Janno Gibbs and Manilyn Reynes
  • Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera
  • Gloria Romero and Luis Gonzalez
  • Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado
  • Nida Blanca and Nestor de Villa

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Most Awarded and Top-Grossing Movies

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The big screen is indeed a favourite of many, especially Filipinos. For many moviegoers, the movies of their much-adored and well-favoured celebrities and stars can give them a dose of their delighted entertainment. Though visible on TV, it may really look and feel different when these celebrities are viewed via the big screen and in longer hours. That is why people crave for movies for their favourite stars. The movies give a far different, more satisfying entertainment than what shows in the small TVs and channels can provide.

Kasal Kasali Kasalo

For movies, the substance and the quality of the movie are of utmost importance. A movie must first and foremost contain a good storyline, an exciting twist, a well-written screenplay, great actors and actresses, deep and unpredictable characters, and the like. For these reasons, movies with these characteristics are given outstanding recognitions and distinctions, both here in the country or even in abroad, for its substance and overall quality as a film.

Landmark Movies of My Generation

Some of the most awarded and most applauded films include the classic movies of director Lino Brocka, like Oro Plata Mata, Maynila sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag and Orapronobis. Kisapmata, another classic film, is also a favourite and multi-awarded movie of all time. There is Himala, a Nora Aunor classic and directed by the legendary Ishmael Bernal, which garnered several local and international movie awards. Even just recently, Himala was named by CNN as one of the Top 18 Asian Films.

Other movies that received a number of distinctions locally and abroad are Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa, Muro Ami, Jose Rizal (the latter two from Marilou Diaz-Abaya and starred Cesar Montano), Madrasta, Bayaning Third World, Minsan Minahal Kita, Pangarap ng Puso, Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, and so many others.


Meanwhile, the ingredients of making a good movie lie not only on its substance and content. How the people patronize the movie also counts and matters as much. It is important that the movie be well received and well favoured by many. There is always a silent battle between box-office and quality when it comes to the films and movies. Apparently, in the movie industry today, it is quite a struggle to have both combined in one same film. There’s a movie that is sure to be a box-office hit yet not really substantial enough or the content is shallow. Yet, there are also movies that are deep in story and substance yet the feedback of moviegoers seem to be little. To quote in one local online forum, “Really good movies are rare and hardly make any money.”

Enteng Kabisote 3

According to a list found in, the 25 most top-grossing Filipino movies of all time are as follows:1. Sukob (06) = 186.41 (300.454)
2. A Very Special Love (08) = 178.5(200+)
3. Ang Tanging Ina (03) = 177.82
4. Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo (06) = 162.37
5. Anak (2000) = 159.31
6. One More Chance (07) = 152.79
7. For The First Time (08) = 135+++
8. Caregiver (08) = 140
9. A Love Story (07) = 139.61
10. Jose Rizal (98) = 136.7
11. Don’t give up on us (06) = 129.06
12. Enteng Kabisote 3 (06) = 128
13. Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo (07) = 122.90
14. I will Always Love You (06) = 115
15. You Are the One (06) = 113.73
16. Let the love begin (05) = 110.382
17. Isusumbong Kita Sa Tatay Ko (97) = 104
18. My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend (08) = 101.24
19. Close to You (06) = 100+
20 . All About Love (06) = 100+
21. Can this be love (05) = 99
22. Moments of Love (06) = almost 100
23. Ouija (07) = 97.67
24. Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo (07) = 92 (165.99)
25. Enteng Kabisote 4: The Beginning of the Legend (07) = 91

At the end of it all, we can only hope that someday, we can finally be able to produce quality films that can also have box-office returns. That is two in one package. The movies should be the ones responsible to determine and provide what kind of entertainment the people should have, rather than the people decide what kind of entertainment they demand from the movies. In that way, we can be assured that there’s quality in top-grossing films, and that Filipino moviegoers are already intelligent enough not to settle on films that are shallow and cheap and look for movies that are of high value.

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Controversies of All Time

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Pinoy showbiz is not just a bed of roses. Contrary to what other people’s impressions are, it is not only a land of fame and fortune. And just as a coin always has its two sides, there is always a bad side about the local entertainment – intrigues and controversies.

As the cliché perfectly puts it, “you can never please everybody,” so has been the case of showbiz. If there are die-hard fans, there are also the die-hard detractors, willing to do everything and go out of their way just to put their hated artists down and destroy their careers. Controversies, true or not, continue to hound artists and celebrities as long as they continue to be in their celebrity status, and as in the case of some, even when they are already away from showbiz.

Pinoy showbiz celebrities

They say that Pinoy showbiz will never be as interesting and as exciting as it is if it weren’t for the intrigues and controversies that make the lives of celebrities more colourful. They are even publicity, positive or not, as some would claim. So whether celebrities like it or not, these are said to be issues that in a way may help boost their careers by keeping them in the news and in the circulation with the talks.

Now, looking back at Showbizlandia then and now, let us take a quick review of some of the most controversial, most talked-about and most intriguing controversies of all time, and see if they were a destroyer or a booster of the careers of the celebrities involved.

Cristy Fermin on the buzz

Today, we are still witnessing what seems to be a never ending battle between Nadia Montenegro and columnist-TV host Cristy Fermin. It all rooted from another equally controversial war between come-backing actor Gabby Concepcion and his former manager, Rose Flaminiano. With Nadia defending Gabby, now, it’s been the turn of Nadia to be caught in a dispute with Fermin. And the last we’ve heard, Cristy Fermin’s TV and radio contracts were suspended by her network ABS-CBN. And just like everyone else, we can only wait for things to be better.

There’s the ever controversial flight of networks of then the hottest GMA-7 star, Angel Locsin. It happened middle of 2007 when Angel, who had countless endorsements, left and right TV shows and movies, and an overly big fan base that time, decided to switch networks for ‘personal growth and contentment.’ She claimed she was not happy anymore with where she was (in GMA), and so she decided to transfer. Since then, Angel’s career was never absent of any issue or controversy. Add to that the accusations of being ingrate, selfish and money-minded. There were even talks of alleged sex video, pregnancy rumour, and all personal distractions. Will she gain the same stature today that she is already in ABS-CBN as compared to that when she was still in GMA-7? We can only wait.

Willie Revillame hosting Wowowee

The sparking word war between rival noontime TV hosts Willie Revillame and Joey de Leon also graced the national television for a long run. It even caught the attention of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). The exchange of harsh words between the two even caught the ire of some authorities and people in the government. It was obviously not a good influence especially since the heated word exchange happened on national TV, and moralists even found it inappropriate and not proper especially for kids watching the TV.

But the good thing is, it’s over, or at least, for the meantime. Just recently, during an awards night, Revillame made amends with de Leon and the war is finally over. Well, it is just about time.

Kris of goldmine

And who could ever forget the Kris Aquino-James Yap-Hope Centeno saga that quite affected the entire nation? News broke out that James had an affair with a certain Hope Centeno, who was found out to be a staff at a Belo Clinic. Kris, who was then pregnant with Baby James, broke out in tears on national TV and was deeply affected by the news. The worse became worst when Hope continued to air her side and confirm the news in the rival station of Kris. Kris, however, eventually semi-rested from TV and was away from the spotlight for quite some time after this incident. Good thing though, the family was still complete.

But backtracking to the 70s, there is this urban legend (weird, you might think) about Fernando Poe, Jr. in his movies about some death scenes. Whenever Muslims got to see FPJ’s character die in his movie, they would throw stones, or as other stories put it, fire their guns in revolt to Da King’s killing. Strange, huh?

local action movie star, armed with guns and thoughts

There were even stories with the previous generation’s most popular stars, such as Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor, Maricel Soriano, Sharon Cuneta, and many others. These are only simple proofs that fame does not only require one’s talent. It only entails much patience and endurance to stay in the business, never minding the different intrigues and controversies that he or she has to go through somewhere in his or her career.

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